Saturday, 12 May 2012


Some students in the 6th level went to the 5th level groups to tell "THE GRUFFALO" story.
This story is about a mouse who walks through the woods and meets some dangerous animals: a fox, an owl and a snake. Each of these animals want to eat the mouse so they invite him for a meal but he is very clever and tells each animal that he is going to have lunch with a Gruffalo, an imaginary creature.
Then, this creature becomes real and he also wants to eat the mouse, but he is more intelligent than the Gruffalo and escapes...

Other students went to the 3rd level groups to tell "ELMER" story.
Elmer is a patchwork elephant, he is not elephant colour, and he is tired of being different...

Finally, some of us went to the 3rd level groups again to tell "THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR"

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